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Trusted by numerous customers, GlobusRoofing is a local roofing contractor with affordable prices, qualitative materials, a professional team, and attention to customers' needs.

Your safety is important to us

  • Our history started about a decade ago as a family-running business. We work as a team of professional roofing specialists, passionate salespeople, and effective management. The heart of our roofing company is located in Los Angeles, but we also serve Orange and Ventura County, San Gabriel, and San Bernardino with suburbs. Our services include re-roofing and roof installation, emergency and scheduled roof repairs, inspection, and maintenance. We work with different modern materials and offer tailored solutions for our favored California residents.

Our mission and goals

Like the roof is an essential part of the building, people are the most significant value for our roofing company. That is why our mission is to satisfy customers and provide quality services at an affordable price for all residents of Los Angeles and the neighborhood. Each order starts with an inspection and detailed assessment to find the most cost-effective solution for any budget. During the working process, we are also open to customers' wishes and change requests as we work to get an excellent result. Whether an emergency repair or scheduled re-roofing, we always finish the projects on time and respect the clients' time.

Why choose GlobusRoofing?

GlobusRoofing offers versatile roofing services that are popular in the California area. We do not just install and repair roofs; we guarantee they will serve you for many years and help you save money. GlobusRoofing is an experienced cool roofing contractor, so our roofs reduce air conditioning spending, in addition to stylish design for any taste and amazing long-lasting. And finally, we do hear customers and always provide timely roofing services at affordable prices. Whether it is a flat commercial roof, one made of shingles or tiles, or a cool metal roof — this is a job for the GlobusRoofing team.

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