Cost-effective Cool Roofing installation and repair

Being a well-known local cool roof contractor, GlobusRoofing provides all the accompanying services, including installation, inspection, repair, and re-roofing.

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We use qualitative materials to achieve the best-looking design, have vast experience, and only modern equipment. In addition, our company will help you with the paperwork to get a rebate from LADWP — a unique governmental program for those who choose sustainable roofs.

How we work on Cool Roofing

Each cool roofing project starts with the initial discussion and inspection, so our team defines the client’s needs, expectations, and budget. Whether it is a repair, redecoration, or installation from scratch — seeing is believing, so inspection and estimation go first. Once the customer approves our deadline and a total cool roofing price, we will be ready to schedule the work. If it is an emergency repair, we will do our best to provide roofing services on the same day or with the shortest possible delay. The scheduled re-roofing, maintenance, and installation may take longer, and we constantly adjust to the client during planning.

It is important to us to deliver the best possible experience to the customers, so we are open to any-size projects and are flexible with materials.

Most popular cool roofing materials

Creating a cool roof does not need specific materials; it’s more about the color. Dark shingles keep the heat inside, while light-colored options reflect the sunbeams to maintain a calmer atmosphere. However, our customers are not limited to a particular color. Cool roof companies also use special spraying with reflecting materials to provide various colors and perfect cooling features.

Those who look for the most affordable options choose asphalt shingles with or without special coating. For the classic style, we have wood shingles — one more natural material that prevents heating. Metal panels also help keep the comfortable temperatures, while concrete and clay tiles are one of the most long-lasting materials with a cooling effect.

One cool roof contractor for all needs

GlobusRoofing is a local cool roof contractor with a long list of available services. Our company works with different materials to meet customer expectations, budget limits, and personal preferences. Our services include:

Moreover, we are happy to guide clients to receive a rebate from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. This governmental program is for those using eco-friendly private or commercial property solutions.


Five reasons to choose a cool roof in California

Classic roofs are out of fashion in California, as there are much more cost-effective and valuable options — cool roofing materials. A cool roof reflects the sun’s radiation and helps keep the atmosphere fresh in the house regardless of the hot weather outside. This way, our customers save on air conditioning systems and get a durable, affordable, and modern solution with a great design.

The variety of roofing options makes it challenging to choose the best one. From our immense experience, we recommend selecting cool roofing systems for any property in the southern California region. This solution is cost-effective as it helps save on air conditioning. Also, it doesn’t require special maintenance, although it is amazingly long-lasting. And finally, the variety of available materials, colors, and styles make it easy to meet any customer’s expectations. With all the benefits, the cool roof price is affordable. Moreover, special discounts from the LADWP make this solution even more preferable for our beloved Los Angeles clients.

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