Our managers will be happy to book a call for those who have questions. The most popular ones are answered below.

How long do you work in the market?

We have 9+ years of experience in roof replacement, repair, and installation, in addition to maintenance services. We started as a small family business and now are one of the best roofing contractors in Los Angeles and several other locations in Southern California.

Do you have a license?

Yes, Globus Roofing is a certified roofing contractor registered in California.

How does the roofing process go?

Each order usually starts with a call to define the client's requirements. Then, we inspect the roof to make an assessment and are ready to offer the price list to the customer. Once we get the green light from the client, we schedule the working plan. The job is done when our customer is satisfied and delighted.

How do you keep prices affordable?

We work with different materials and often choose the ones that require minimal labor costs from our professional team. Modern flat and sloppy cool roofs help significantly save further on air conditioning systems, so they are also cost-effective.

Do you have sales or other marketing offers?

Yes, we offer seasonal sales or occasional marketing campaigns. If you want a personal discount, feel free to contact our manager to discuss the details.

Do your roofs pass the safety inspections from regulatory organizations?

We have worked in California for about a decade, and our roofs always pass city inspections. Also, we are helping with paperwork.

With which materials do you work?

We are not limited to one vendor and have an immense experience with different roofing types and materials. The list of the most favored ones includes shingles, tiles, and metals. Also, we offer cool roofs: they are coated with a special painting, reflect sunbeams, and do not overheat.

Can you repair or replace the venting?

Venting is an essential part of the roofing systems, so yes, we provide such services, in addition to tile and shingle replacement and roof patching.

Which roofing services do you provide?

Our team installs, replaces, and repairs different types of roofs popular in the California region. Moreover, we provide inspection services and help with annual or emergency roof maintenance.

Do you guarantee excellent work?

Always! GlobusRoofing is a trusted local roofing contractor with numerous positive feedback. Our goal is to make our clients happy, so we work until the customer accepts the job. Whether it is a manager or a roofing specialist, you are in good hands.

Do you work with commercial customers?

We offer re-roofing and other roofing services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties regardless of the project's scope.

What if I need more clarification on your services?

Book a call to discuss any questions, personal requirements, and budget. We will do our best to provide timely services at affordable prices with sincere attention to clients' needs.
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