Fast and cost-effective Flat Roofing installation and repair

Flat roofing is ordinary for commercial buildings, but there are more and more people who order flat housetops for residential properties too.

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This roof type helps save on materials and installation, creates a free space for solar systems, and is perfectly long-lasting. Especially if it is installed by Globus Roofing — the qualified flat roof contractor based in southern California with immense experience and special attitude to customers.

How we work

Flat roofing services include installation, inspection, and repair. In all cases, the process may vary, but it all starts with an initial call with our manager to discuss the details. If there is an emergency case where the flat roof contractor is required immediately, then our specialists will rush to inspect the roof as soon as possible. If the customer orders an inspection or scheduled repair, here is when the manager arranges the most comfortable time to start.

After the checkup, we provide the assessment with flat roofing costs and materials and begin to do our job. As for our mission is to make each roof perfect, we are working until the customer is fully satisfied. Whether it is an industrial building or a private property, the GlobusRoofing team always gets the highest marks.

Materials we use for the Flat Roofing

GlobusRoofing is not limited to one supplier and has extensive experience in repairing and installing various flat roofing samples. Whether it is plastic or concrete, we know which one is better for the customer. So the materials we use to install, inspect, or repair the roof may vary depending on the client’s needs and expectations.

Most of our customers order asphalt shingles, as it is popular in Los Angeles, CA. Although there are other options, the classic asphalt is still number one. It has Class A fire protection and a reasonable price, and it is good-looking and customizable. Still, any other options are just a new challenge for GlobusRoofing.


The list of flat roofing services we provide

GlobusRoofing offers flat roofing services to private and commercial customers, regardless of the building type and materials. Our services include:

Commercial roofs are durable, but anyhow moisture and winds damage the coverage slightly leading to leaks. The GlobusRoofing’s mission is to ensure that everything is up-to-date during the inspection, to complete the most cost-effective reconstruction, or to finish the roof replacement if it is the best solution to keep the building safe.


Flat roofing services worth choosing

At GlobusRoofing, we are confident that the customers should get the best options on the market. That’s why we often offer our flat roofing services to private clients if this type would be better in this particular case. 

With a flat surface, we get a free space for solar systems or a relaxation zone — depending on customer request. In addition, this roofing type is more cost-effective, as it uses less material than a sloped roof. A modern flat lightweight roof boosts ventilation and is also a saver for the hot climate of southern California. And finally, it is easy to install and maintain, so it helps us keep affordable prices for any budget.

All these factors and an outstanding experience make flat roofing our primary service. Regardless of the scale of the project, GlobusRoofing will take care.

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