Installation and repair of various metal roofing types

GlobusRoofing is a team of metal roof specialists with immense experience, modern equipment, affordable prices, and an exceptional attitude to our customers.

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Although we work with any roof type popular in California, metal roofing is one of our most common services. Whether it is installation, inspection, or repair — GlobusRoofing is a local metal roof contractor everyone can rely on.

How we provide the metal roofing services

At GlobusRoofing, any new order follows the standard pattern focused on customer satisfaction. First, we discuss the customer expectation and schedule the inspection — to get complete information about the project. In this step, we also consider the type of roof — metal or not, depending on the client’s choice. Then, our metal roof specialists assess the deadline and final metal roof cost. Once the client approves it, we will be ready for the installation.


Metal roofing is lightweight and easy to install, so we can finish small to average projects in a single day! The same is fair for the repairs, especially if it is an emergency order — when a customer needs to fix the damaged shingles or panels after strong winds or a storm.

Best materials for long-lasting metal roofing

Metal roofs are perfectly irresistible to fire and storms, which makes them amazingly durable. There is a long list of metals used for roofing, but the most common are steel or aluminum. Both options are long-lasting, lightweight, and easily installed and maintained. Moreover, the client may choose any design, pattern, and color of the tiles or panels to achieve almost any desired look.

Thus, those who tend to use classic designs choose the imitation of wood, stone, or clay shingles. Modern metal roofs also may look like ordinary metal and have any color that suits the house walls and environment. In addition, metal could be used together with other materials for decoration or additional support.

One metal roof contractor for any needs

At GlobusRoofing, we provide all types of metal roofing services for private and commercial customers. As metal roofs are more widespread for industrial or commercial properties, most of our projects are big. However, we also offer services to private householders, and our vast experience helps us finish the roof installation of smaller buildings with lightning speed. Also, here is what we do:

In case of emergency, GlobusRoofing is happy to help too. Our goal is to fix all the issues in just a day.


Why choose metal roofing instead of other materials

Metal roofing is standard for commercial buildings. However, more and more private house owners also choose this type of roofing due to its numerous advantages. The steel or aluminum roof is durable and irresistible to solid winds, aggressive UV radiation, heavy rains, and fire.

Metal roofs are ideal for the hot climate as they do not keep the heat and cool down quickly. Also, metal is fire-protected, which makes it the safest solution for regions with wildfire risks. Also, they are notably lighter than many other materials, so they have less loading on the buildings and may be used for any property regardless of size.

As fusible metals are used for the roof tiles and panels, the roof could have almost any style, color, or type — anything the customer wants. Also, metal doesn’t require special maintenance. It doesn’t burn out in the sun and lasts for several decades. Thus, it is an ideal solution recommended by GlobusRoofing — a leading local metal roof contractor from Los Angeles, CA.

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