Careful roof inspections at a reasonable price

Whether a customer wants to purchase or sell a house or re-check the roof condition after a heavy rain or storm, the GlobusRoofing team is here to help.

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We provide professional roof inspections with expert analysis and detailed reports. Our specialists will carefully examine the condition of the roof and its accessories to give a fair assessment and recommendations for further repair if needed.

How our working process goes

First, our managers arrange a call to discuss the property details, the deadlines, and the approximate price. Once the customer approves the suggested procedure, our expert roof inspectors start working. We aim to check every shingle and tile and examine the vent system, chimneys, and downpipes. The assessment includes a description of the current roof’s state and its expected lifespan with or without the repair.

Upon finishing the inspection, we send a full report to the customer. This report describes the materials and condition of the accessories and includes photos of the items that require attention. We also add the recommendations — for further maintenance if it is preferable. The timely replacement of the roof parts will help significantly save on emergency repair.

All-in-one roofing contractor for private and commercial properties

GlobusRoofing provides roof inspections regardless of the materials used for the roof. Whether it consists of shingles or tiles, a commercial or industrial flat roof, or a cool metal one, we are an experienced contractor with an immense portfolio. As we are working in Los Angeles and surroundings, we primarily focus on this region’s popular materials.

The price tag on the inspections may vary depending on the material. Still, the roof inspection cost mostly depends on the roof’s square footage and specific features of the particular property. Before we start working, our manager describes the process and estimated price. Hence, the process goes as clearly and comfortably for the client as possible.

The list of roof inspections services we provide

The careful examination of the roof is critical after harsh weather conditions. Even if the roof looks good, some shingles may already be damaged, so the customer will get a delayed emergency situation in the future without a timely repair. Also, people order roofing inspections when planning to purchase or sell a property. Then, we do the following things:

A timely repair is always better than an emergency elimination of the leaking roof. After the inspection, we are ready for a minor repair or the total roof replacement.


3 reasons to order Roof Inspections at GlobusRoofing

Roof inspections are the best way to determine the roof’s condition and prevent leaks before they start bothering the householders. Compared to emergency roofing services, replacing individual shingles or accessories is profitable as it helps save on labor costs and materials.

Our team is an experienced roofing contractor and works with various types of buildings. There is no roof in Los Angeles that we won’t be able to serve. The numerous positive feedback from our regular private and commercial customers proves this too.

In addition to roof inspections, the GlobusRoofing team repairs, replaces, and installs flat, metal, cool, shingle, or tile roofs, regardless of the project’s scope. If we find something wrong, we will be able to fix the issues as soon as possible and at an affordable price.

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