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Even the most long-lasting materials tend to wear, especially after winds and heavy rains.

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GlobusRoofing provides frequent roof maintenance services to check the condition of tiles, flat panels, or shingles, replace the damaged ones, and clean the roof from mud and debris. At an affordable price and regularly, we will prolong the lifetime of any roof to save money and time on the entire roof replacement.

How we work on roof maintenance

At GlobusRoofing, each project starts from the initial discussion. Ideally, our roof maintenance specialists inspect the property to assess the condition and the scope of work. Then, the customer should accept the assessment results, which is when the actual work starts.


Some roofs require cleaning only, so the roof maintenance order will be finished in a few hours or one working day at a maximum. But due to age and harsh weather, the shingles, tiles, and panels require careful examination to spot possible future leaks. The earlier we find the damage, the less work is necessary to eliminate it. Thus, the cost of timely repair is much lower than for emergency replacement, so regular roofing services help reduce spending in the long run.

The roof maintenance cost and materials

The roof maintenance cost depends on several factors, including the roof’s state and age, the total square footage, the materials used, and additional services if needed. Those who order maintenance once per decade will pay more as the roof condition is expected to worsen. That’s why our customers often choose annual checks, so the roof stays sound and healthy longer. We have special programs with discounts for regular customers, so this helpful procedure doesn’t have a high price tag.

In addition to essential services, sometimes we recommend a roof coating. The coating makes it irresistible to moisture, mold, and UV radiation. The supplementary services are customizable and depend on the customer’s roof material and condition. Still, we are ready to work with any roofing materials, including metal, shingles, tiles, and modern flat roof systems.

The list of services GlobusRoofing provides

Each roof requires an individual approach, as the list of services varies depending on the roof’s condition, age, materials, etc. The most popular services people order include the following ones:

In addition, we provide annual (or with any other frequency) maintenance checks. It helps prevent an expensive repair, as we start the shingle or tile replacement when it just starts breaking. Also, it helps keep the attractive look of the property itself, as the roof is an important part of any building.


Why people choose GlobusRoofing as their roof maintenance contractor

Both flat and slope roofs are dangerous places for the newbie. That’s why it is always better to order roof maintenance from a professional specialist. Trusted by many California customers, GlobusRoofing is an expert in roofing services with affordable prices and a flexible schedule. We are attentive to customers and happy to work with regular ones. Once we inspect the roof for the first time, we are ready to provide the client with only the necessary roofing services at a fair price. Also, we will help decide the best maintenance frequency.

Whether we do the maintenance or further repair and regardless of the client’s roof material, the GlobusRoofing team helps increase the roof’s lifespan, save money on future care, and keep the tops looking new for years.


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