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GlobusRoofing is a trusted local roof replacement contractor with various available materials, affordable prices, and an attentive attitude to all private and commercial clients.

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Whether it is an old house, new building, or commercial property — our team is ready to serve. We install and replace flat roofs, work with different tiles and shingles, and provide cool roofing services for any budget and always on time.

How the proper roof replacement process goes

At GlobusRoofing, our customers are of the greatest value. So we always provide personalized services with the client’s needs in mind. That’s why each project starts from the discussion to define the goals, budget, and time frames. Then, our re-roofing specialists meticulously inspect the house or property so we understand the scope of work.

On the next step, our managers advise the best suitable materials and designs, including samples of shingles if required. The roof replacement cost may vary depending on the chosen material, so we aim to find the most cost-effective solution in each case. Once the customer is ready to approve our plan, we start the work. During the process, we are open to change requests if something new comes to the client’s mind, so in the end, we get a genuinely perfect roof.

How we choose the materials

GlobusRoofing is not limited to a particular factory or supplier, so we are open to new trends and materials. This means that the customers decide which type of roof they need. At the same time, we are ready to provide the most suitable materials for roof replacement. In Los Angeles, we often install cool roofs. Made of asphalt or concrete, these shingles cool down quickly after sunset. It helps create a fresh atmosphere in the building, no matter how hot it is outside.

Metal and wood are two more cooling materials with their benefits. And in addition to sloping roofs, we also install flat ones. This type is more prevalent among commercial customers. It requires asphalt, concrete, or plastic shingles, depending on the wishful style and preferable price.

How much the roof replacement costs

Each part of the building is essential, but there is nothing as crucial as a qualitative roof. Re-roofing is required once per decades, so a haste and attempts to find the cheapest options are not the best strategies. It is simpler to define the total roof replacement price after we know all the details. The roof replacement cost depends on the following factors:

While some materials may cost more, they are more durable or better suited to California’s hot and humid climate. Our goal is to pick up not the most affordable roofing tiles or panels but the ones that are cost-effective and fully meet the customer’s requirements.


Why people choose GlobusRoofing as their trusted roof contractor

During years of diligent work, the GlobusRoofing team has built an excellent reputation in the California market. First, we always meet deadlines and respect the time of our customers. Secondly, we work with various roofing materials, including trendy and old-school ones. In addition, our team is an experienced roof replacement contractor for private, commercial, and industrial properties, so there are no limits to our best roofing services. And finally, our unique attitude to customers. We always try to find the best fitting solutions, affordable options, and perfectly matching designs to meet the demanding requirements.


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