Professional roofing contractor in Orange County

Whether it is a flat or cool roof, a roof with shingles or tiles, the commercial or residential property — the GlobusRoofing team is an experienced contractor to serve them all.

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The particularities of roofing services in Orange County

Orange County has a hot climate. To keep a favorable temperature at home, people often choose cool roofs that reflect sunbeams and protect the building from overheating. GlobusRoofing installs, repairs, and inspects cool roofs in addition to other roofing types and materials. This is our eco-friendly and affordable solution to save on air conditioning systems and keep a great look of the building itself.


Flat roofing in Orange County

Primarily used for commercial properties, the flat roof is an affordable and durable solution for any building. They have a versatile design and are energy efficient, as they do not leave a spare space for the stagnated warm air and reduce the air conditioning bills.

Metal roofing in Orange County

It is popular to install metal roofing in Orange county, as this material cools down quickly and is energy efficient — a valuable benefit for our hot climate. In addition, metal roofs are long-lasting and perfectly stand moisture, insects, and mold.

Shingle roofing in Orange County

Shingles have been famous in the Mediterranean climate for long years and are often found in Orange County. Made of clay or concrete, they are irresistible to moisture, do not burn out in the sun, and add a curb appeal to the property.

Tile roofing in Orange County

Both glazed and unglazed clay or concrete tiles perfectly stand in a hot and humid climate. They are eco-friendly and stay looking like new for ages. In addition, they do not require special maintenance, so they are profitable and convenient in the long run.

Cool roofing in Orange County

The most popular solutions for our hot climate are cool roofs. Primarily painted in light colors, they cool down quickly and reflect sunbeams to keep a cooler temperature inside the building.

Roof replacement in Orange County

Whether the roof is severely damaged or it is a new building, the GlobusRoofing team is ready to provide professional re-roofing services for all towns in Orange County. We use different materials and work with various building types to meet all customer requirements.


Roof repair in Orange County

No matter how qualitative the roofing material is, the winds and heavy rains may easily damage individual shingles or tiles. Timely roof repair services help save on total roof replacement and eliminate leaks in just a day.

Roof maintenance in Orange County

Prolonging the roof's lifespan requires annual checks, cleaning, and minor repairs if something goes wrong. Only the professional roofing contractor will find the possible future leaks and eliminate them before they are the problem, and here is what we do.


Roof inspections in Orange County

Whether our customer is going to purchase a new property or sell their own, roof inspections help set the exact price. We provide a fair assessment of the current roof condition and recommend the required repairs if needed.


Why people choose our roofing company

Thanks to our vast experience and readiness to work with different roofing materials, we are a trusted roofing contractor in Orange County with numerous customers and positive feedback. From maintenance to repairs and redecoration for private and commercial customers, our residental roofing services list is awe-inspiring. Whether it is Anaheim, Irvine, Santa Ana, or any other smaller town, our expert team is ready to help.

Roofs 247
Locations 75
Years of Work 9+
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