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GlobusRoofing team provides expert inspections, qualitative maintenance, timely roof repairs, and installation of various roofing types for residential and commercial properties.

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San Bernardino's top roofing services

People in San Bernardino often offer shingle or metal roofs, especially if they have a cool coating. The cool roof helps save on air conditioning. It keeps a pleasant fresh atmosphere inside the building as they reflect sunbeams and do not overheat. As a trusted local roofing contractor, we provide services to various clients, including private householders and commercial and industrial customers.

Flat roofing in San Bernardino

Flat roofs are a modern solution that fastly becomes popular in California. As fewer materials are used, this type of roof is the most affordable, and in addition, our flat roofs require zero maintenance and last for decades.

Metal roofing in San Bernardino

Another cost-effective and affordable option is a metal roof. Our metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, perfectly stand in a humid and hot climate, and are not prone to corrosion and rust.


Shingle roofing in San Bernardino

Shingles have been popular in Europe for ages and ideally suit San Bernardino summers with the Mediterranean climate. Also, we guarantee that our stylish, classy, and elegant shingle roofs will last for dozens of years.

Tile roofing in San Bernardino

Tile roofing is another durable and elegant option in our list of services. Tiles are long-lasting, made of eco-friendly materials, and look fantastic, especially for residential properties.

Cool roofing in San Bernardino

Hot summers in San Bernardino require innovative cooling solutions. Luckily, we provide cool roofing services and install, repair, and maintain the roofs that save our customers from heat and minimize air conditioning spending.

Roof replacement in San Bernardino

Re-roofing is required occasionally, so it should be performed by professionals only. This is our motto, and this is how we work: using the most durable materials and providing qualitative roof replacement services in time.

Roof repair in San Bernardino

Our team in San Bernardino is ready for an emergency or scheduled repair for individual and commercial customers. Whether it is a leak or issues with venting, tile or shingle roof, we would be happy to help.

Roof maintenance in San Bernardino

We recommend and provide scheduled roof maintenance services with inspections, fast repairs, cleaning, and documented reports to prevent costly repairs in the future. We do not let leaks any chance!

Roof inspections in San Bernardino

While selling or buying a property, setting a fair price is important. As the roof is an essential part of any building, professional roof inspections help assess its current condition and find and eliminate issues.


Top reasons why people choose us

GlobusRoofing has become a widespread and trusted roofing contractor in San Bernardino, thanks to the numerous benefits clients get with us. We provide services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We have a competent, experienced team and professional equipment, and we work with different materials depending on the client's choice. And finally, our services are affordable and highly qualitative.


Roofs 178
Locations 79
Years of Work 9+
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