Affordable roofing contractor in San Gabriel

Our team provides professional roofing contractor services for commercial and private customers and has a vast experience in roof repairs, inspections, and installation.

Roofs 78
Locations 49
Years of Work 9+

The most popular roofing services in San Gabriel

We often install cool roofs as cooling materials are prevalent in San Gabriel. We are not limited to a particular material, so our metal, shingle, and tile roof help save on air conditioning systems and have an aesthetic look. Our company works with various customers, including individual and commercial clients, regardless of the project's scope.

Flat roofing in San Gabriel

The flat roof is one of the most affordable options on the market. Our vast experience and cutting-edge materials make our flat roofs leak-protected, durable, and cost-effective.

Metal roofing in San Gabriel

Metal roof has a fantastic benefit — it cools down faster than any other material and so helps save on the conditioning system. Moreover, our metal roofs are long-lasting and irresistible to moisture and insects.

Shingle roofing in San Gabriel

The most classic option — the shingle roof — is excellent for the hot California climate. The stylish, elegant, and highly durable solution is especially suitable for residential properties.

Tile roofing in San Gabriel

Tile roofing is an eco-friendly and elegant option for both residential and commercial buildings. Tiles are easily replaced if necessary and also perfectly long-lasting, regardless of the climate.

Cool roofing in San Gabriel

Our most popular service is cool roofing, as this option is ideal for the hot climate in San Gabriel. We work with different cooling materials, including metals, tiles, and shingles.

Roof replacement in San Gabriel

Whether it is a new building that requires roof installation or an old one with a damaged roof, the GlobusRoofing team is ready to help. We provide qualitative re-roofing services in San Gabriel and work with various materials preferable to customers.


Roof repair in San Gabriel

We understand that a leaking roof is a disaster, so we always do our best to repair a damaged roof as soon as possible and at an affordable price. Our services include leak elimination, roof patching, venting repairs, and many more.

Roof maintenance in San Gabriel

Roof maintenance helps find any possible issues before they become a problem. It notably saves costs on repairs and also prolongs the roof's lifespan.

Roof inspections in San Gabriel

A roof inspection may come in handy in many cases. It is essential after heavy rains or storms and beneficial while selling or purchasing a property.


3 reasons to choose GlobusRoofing

First, we have a dedicated team of professional roofers based in San Gabriel. Second, we work with various materials and building types and are ready for any challenges on the roof. Last but not least benefit is our incredible team willing to make clients' wishes come true. All in one, it makes GlobusRoofing a trusted local roofing contractor for any needs.

Roofs 78
Locations 49
Years of Work 9+
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