Trusted roofing contractor in Ventura County

Professional equipment and vast experience with different materials make GlobusRoofing company a widespread and trusted roofing contractor in Ventura County.

Roofs 100+
Locations 38
Years of Work 9+
Whether inspection, maintenance, repair, or roof replacement is required, we are here to help.

Popular roofing services in Ventura County

Even the most durable roof materials tend to age, so roof repairing services are among our top-ordered services. Also, many clients choose annual roof maintenance. It helps prevent possible issues and saves money in the long run. As for the re-roofing, more and more customers order cool roofs. They help keep a fresher atmosphere at home or in the office.

Flat roofing in Ventura County

Affordable and cooling, the flat roofs could be often spotted in Ventura County, both for commercial and residential buildings. They have a modern and versatile look and help save the budget as they require minimum materials and are easy to install.

Metal roofing in Ventura County

The metals are excellent roofing materials, as they are long-lasting and do not require special maintenance. Thanks to carefully chosen materials and coating, our metal roofs are not prone to rust and corrosion and cool down quickly.

Shingle roofing in Ventura County

Shingles have been used for roofing for ages, as they are incredibly durable and perfectly stand in a humid and hot climate. Our customers often order shingle roofs for private houses. Still, this type of roof will perfectly suit commercial property too.

Tile roofing in Ventura County

Concrete and clay tiles are versatile, classy, and durable. The only minor disadvantage is that the price is higher than other popular roofing materials. Still, in the long run, they are cost-effective as last decades and require low-effort maintenance.

Cool roofing in Ventura County

Color changes everything. An intelligent and cost-effective cool roof includes ordinary shingles or tiles with a reflective coating, originally white. This helps keep a cooler temperature inside the building, as it doesn't overheat.

Roof replacement in Ventura County

The GlobusRoofing team provides roof replacement services regardless of the roofing material. Moreover, we work with individual and commercial customers, redecorating everything from private houses to industrial properties.


Roof repair in Ventura County

No matter if it is an emergency or scheduled repair, we know how important it is to keep a roof healthy and sound. Also, we have affordable prices and always meet deadlines.

Roof maintenance in Ventura County

Timely roof maintenance helps prevent expensive repair and replacement as we find the possible leaks before they actually happen. Our team carefully inspects the roof and vent system to see them all. Also, we clean and restore damaged shingles and tiles and create a report with recommendations.

Roof inspections in Ventura County

The roof is an essential part of the building, so the roof condition should be inspected to set a fair property price. Our team reviews private and commercial buildings, checks the roof state, and recommends further repair. We work, regardless of the roofing materials, in all areas of Ventura County.



Why people choose GlobusRoofing

Ready to work in any town of Ventura County, our team provides roofing repair, maintenance, and replacement services for many years. We are experienced with modern materials, well equipped, and have a caring attitude to customers.

Roofs 100+
Locations 38
Years of Work 9+
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