Affordable and stylish shingle roofing

At GlobusRoofing, we provide any shingle roofing services in the southern California region and are proud of our reasonable prices and special attitude to any client, both private and commercial.

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Whether it is inspection to prevent the possible damage, repair of the particular shingles, or replacement of the whole roof — GlobusRoofing is the best local shingle roof contractor with numerous positive feedback.

How the shingle roofing process goes

At GlobusRoofing, each new shingle roofing project starts from the initial discussion with the customer and inspection. This way our shingle roof specialists assess the deadline, total project cost, and then we can schedule the work. In this step, we consider different types of shingles — classic asphalt, modern metal, or durable clay. Depending on the material, the roof may have different look, durability, and cost, so this is a crucial thing before we start.


GlobusRoofing doesn’t work with particular suppliers, so we are open to different materials and are ready to meet any customer needs. Inspection, repair, replacement, and installation from scratch — the full range of shingle roofing services — for our beloved customers from southern California.

The materials we use for shingles

As one of the local shingle roof specialists, we work with the most common materials for the hot oceanic climate of California. Many homeowners install asphalt shingles, as this material is low-priced and versatile. They come in different colors, so the client may choose classic or modern design which suits the house walls best. In addition to the pleasant look, shingle roofing is pretty durable and lasts up to several decades.

Also, natural wood and clay shingles are popular for private homes. The wood shingle price may vary depending on the chosen timber — most popular options are cedar and pine. Clay shingles are more expensive than wood and asphalt alternatives, but at the same time they feature an extraordinary long-lasting and thus are more cost-effective.

The list of shingle roofing services we provide

GlobusRoofing is a local shingle roof contractor with a full range of roofing services for private and commercial customers. We are trusted by many clients from Los Angeles, CA and provide the following types of services:

Regardless of the materials and scope of work, our team is ready to show our professionalism in a project of any scale.


Why choose shingles for the roof

As one of the most affordable materials, asphalt, clay, or wood shingle roofing is a common thing in Los Angeles. In addition to low price, shingle roofs are aesthetic and diverse with any color and design a customer needs. Also, there are a few more benefits. Thus, shingles are pretty durable and will ideally stand the hot and moisture climate for a couple of decades. Produced in various colors, shingles will perfectly suit any building and will look especially great in the countryside.

GlobusRoofing is a trusted shingle roof contractor with vast experience and modern equipment. We work with different materials and are always ready to assist the customer and help choose the most cost-effective, long-lasting, and stylish solution. Also, we provide installation services for any-size buildings using the top-notch materials depending on the customer’s budget and preferences.


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