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Trusted by numerous customers from California, GlobusRoofing is a local tile roof contractor with vast experience and a professional team.

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We provide all types of tile roofing services. It may be an inspection to assess the roof condition and to prevent possible future problems, repair to eliminate leaks and replace the damaged tiles, and installation from scratch — for new or reconstructed buildings.

How the tile roofing process goes

Each order starts with the initial customer discussion to define their needs and expectations. In this step, we decide which material will be used for the tiles — clay, concrete, or slate. In the next step, our tile roof specialist makes an assessment to define the total cost and deadlines. Once we get approval from the customer, the work starts.

In addition to the roof installation, Globus Roofing also provides inspections and repair services. And again, the process is similar — initial agreement, assessment, and then the work starts. If the customer requires an emergency repair, we do our best to minimize the total work time. The time frame may vary depending on available tile roof specialists if it is a planned redecoration or inspection.

The materials we use

Tile roofing is one of the most durable solutions, especially if the correct materials are used. The most popular options are clay and concrete tiles; both are ideal for Southern California. These materials are perfect for the oceanic or marine climate and were used in Mediterranean countries for ages, and now bring the romantic style to American homes.

Depending on personal preferences, people choose unglazed or glazed clay tiles. The first type is reddish with a tint of orange, while glazed tiles look like ceramic. No matter which option is used, this material is long-lasting, so clay tile roofing will stand up to a century!

Concrete tiles are also suitable for California. They are durable and ideally resist strong winds. Also, they feature a great choice of available colors and often are used for decoration.

The tile roofing services we provide

As a local roof contractor, GlobusRoofing provides all tile roofing services, including installing clay, concrete, or slate tiles, repair, and inspection. Here are a few more details:

Tile roofing is often installed in private houses, but we also work with commercial customers. For example, a clay tile roof in the Mediterranean style will perfectly suit a cafe, restaurant, or club.



Why people choose tile roofing services at GlobusRoofing

The list of tile roofing benefits is long, so let's focus on the most interesting ones. Both clay and concrete tiles are incredibly durable, so the customer won't need to repair or reconstruct the roof for decades. Also, these materials do not burn out in the sun and do not require any special maintenance. Proper installation is the only essential thing that helps create a long-lasting roof. This is the thing GlobusRoofing is perfectly good at.

Our mission goes above the roof as we work to improve customers' lives. In an emergency, GlobusRoofing is ready to finish the project within a day or two. For those looking for a minimal tile roof cost, we will be happy to find the most affordable and cost-effective options. And finally, our team works with private and commercial clients regardless of the project's scale.


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